Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"Let us go back to Colorado..."- StaG

Couldn't agree more with the chorus of the StaG "Colorado / Suicide" song,
"Let us go back to Colorado..."

But home is where the heart is {mainly my closet, and my puppies/kitty},
when we first got home from Colorado,
we stayed at my parent's house and I only had my vacation clothes with me,
 I had to break out my new tie-dye wedding t-shirt even though we are back on the East Coast.

Not going to lie- I think this may be the best tie dye I have ever done!
{see how I did this one HERE!}

It would have been awesome to stroll into bride/groom softball game in our family tie dyed shirts,
but alas we needed to leave Colorado due to an emergency,
so we did not get the chance to show off our goods.

What I Wore: glasses- BonLook, lips- Rimmel Kate Nudes "47",  t shirt- from my cousin's Colorado wedding {hand tie dyed}, shorts- Anthropologie, flats- vintage, bag- Dooney & Bourke {was my mom's}

This bustle instagram picture is so perfect, and accurate.
Also what traveling felt like...

Best part of being home is hanging out with these weirdos:
Stanley, my parents dog, is obsessed with my sister's dog Ellie, clearly!

I love hanging out with this pug,
he is a strange one but so sweet and a great dog!

He loves going late night swimming!

As soon as the life vest goes on, he is ready to go:

More fur baby love:

This pin that Hilary from The Cutie Life sent me from the GirlandPugShop on Etsy for my birthday
Barry agrees that I am the world's best pug mom,
I am not sure Maggie agrees, she is indifferent, in true grumpy bulldog style.

& home to this contortionist cat,
seriously how does he bend like that and how is that comfortable?!

Another perk of being home is going to our favorite breweries!
This trip was to Kane Brewing in Ocean, NJ,
always a good time with great brews!

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