Monday, April 10, 2017

Career Week: Taxiiiiii!

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All this week I am sharing some recent outfits from my career hunting adventures,
I have been attending workshops, networking events, job fairs, trade shows, etc. etc.
putting together some of my favorite professional outfits.

Day 1: Taxiiiiii!

I like to think of this outfit as my "high end but for a price wayyy in the low end"

What I Wore: glasses- Warby Parker, lips- Rimmel Kate "08", necklace- Style Shop @ FIT, blouse- Equipment {via Marshalls}, blazer- Tahari {thrifted}, belt- Coach {gift from Zia}, pants- Anthropologie, flats- Kate Spade {via 6 PM}

I had lots of inspiration to take on these new challenges,
and I wanted to pass on the bits and pieces that lead to these changes!

I was inspired by the "offCAMERA" episode #43 with Olivia Wilde,
she talks about changing careers at 27, my age at the time of applying to FIT,
helped me to really consider my options.
Worth a listen

When I listened to Episode 4 of "I Was Just Saying That" podcast,
I really had my aha moment.
Wardrobe stylist Cristina Facundo,
talked about taking fashion classes while teaching in Brooklyn,
and now is a stylist in Texas, talk about inspiration!

I love the podcast "How I Built This", every episode is amazing,
I especially enjoyed the Warby Parker episode, obviously!
Awesome story, a must listen!

I loved this Ipsy Instagram and have been living by it:

Loved this horoscope, sooo accurate.

Also loved this quote from my fashion textbook,
a great reminder that even when work sucks, its all temporary,
I'm waiting for the next!

While applying for jobs this week,
I became curious about my brain and the battle I've always felt
between my creative side and my analytical side.

Naturally, I took an online test,
because that is what one does while trying to avoid doing work,

Well turns out that I am EXACTLY 50/50,
that explains A LOT.
{if you are wondering my husband 63% left, 37% right}
My twitter bio says it all:

So I have to get a career that satisfies both sides of my brain

More evidence, thanks to the all knowing fortune cookie:

Even with all that inspiration,
I find myself listening to "Doubt Myself" by Sleeptalkre on repeat,
definitely how I feel when I am in this transitional unemployed period (yet again)
I needed this song.

Just gotta keep moving forward, and do some light spring break reading 📖:

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