Saturday, April 8, 2017

Shop Girl Saturday: Tips for Selling IRL + new items!

I saw a post by Miss Malaprop about her tips for selling at a craft fair, 
I thought that was such a good idea 
and I wanted to share my tips for selling my Etsy store InTheLeopardCloset 
in real life 
or "IRL" if you will.

I have sold at a quite a few markets:

& have picked up a few tips/tricks:

Part 1: Prep is Important 
At this point I should be telling myself this, 
since I am writing this post wayyyy late 
instead of packing the car...

#1: Individual price tags on items are easier and more customer friendly in my opinion. 
I am a lot more likely to purchase something if I clearly know the price range 
and can avoid that awkward conversation and then the ultimate put back of the item,
while avoiding eye contact. 
Don't lie to me, you do that too...

 I am still working out the best way to tag and display prices.
Pricing is a ton of work, not even including the comparable items that you need to research to make sure your are pricing reasonability, with room for profit 
but also room to mark down and still maintain a profit.

#2: Don't forget business cards, which typically take at least a couple weeks to order. I also make sure to make the deadlines for things like "Swag Bag" participation. 
These are promotional things where you can give stickers 
(I get my stickers from Stickermule. They are so friendly, helpful and high quality product), 
you can also add coupon codes, or samples of your product,
 to help promote the event and your shop ahead of time

#3: You will also need duct tape, signage, a table cloth, 
shopping bags (I love and use these leopard shopping bags of course), 
small bills for change, and a card reader 
{I use the square one, it came for free with one of my Vista Print orders, 
look for coupon codes! If you can't fine one they are like $10 at Best Buy last time I checked}

Part 2: Day Of!

#1: A dolly will be amazingly helpful, Charlie picked up one today for $54 at Home Depot, 
and I can't wait to use it for selling tomorrow! 
I hope it will be way easier, because loading and unloading is not so much fun.

I also use vintage suitcases and mail bins (illegal, I am aware...) to help move stuff. 
Also helpful with setting up shop and merchandising presentation. 

#2: I like to set my spot up like you are walking into a boutique 
and it gets better every time! 

I like to hang things, add a carpet, and a table cloth. 
My table cloth is a big piece of fabric, cheaper and got to pick my leopard,
before I was using old maps that I was selling at the time.

Use the space the best way you can, move the table back, 
spread out as much as you can, without invading on other seller's areas. 

1st TPRFM, April 2015

2nd TPRFM, April 2016

3rd TPRFM, Aug 2016

4th TPRFM, Oct 2016

#3: Bring some comforts, i.e. COFFEE, snacks, water, cash for food/drinks
CHAIRS (some events provide chairs, others don't, make sure you check!)

#4: If you sell clothing, get a good clothing rack! 
My first was from Target and it fell apart (almost onto a very pregnant woman), 
 I got this one from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and it is so much more sturdy. 

#5: Don't forget to smile and talk to people! 
This one makes me feel awkward in the moment but it gets easier!

I recommend working with a partner, 
so you can take some breaks &
 do a little shopping of course!

Speaking of shopping I added some new (& awesome) stuff to my Etsy & Poshmark shops! 
How I wish these Llbean babies were 2 sizes smaller =(
1. Deborah Lippmann "stronger" nail polish. Worn 1x {$10}
2. Italian dark brown leather vtg trench coat sz s {$150}
3. J. Crewl classic distressed denim jacket, W Small {$60}
4. Marino Orlandi OM Made in Italy Black & Brown Leather Bucket Bag {$150}
5. Vintage Dooney & Bourke top zip cross body bag, black and brown leather {$40}
6. Llbean Duck Boots Maine Hunting Shoes in black- vintage, W Sz 8 {$100}
7. Llbean low duck booties in blue, Sz 7, like new condition, clean interior. SO CUTE! {$60}
8.Vintage Frye Leather Fold Over Slouchy 2" heeled Boots, sz Women's 7 1/2 {$150}
9. Vintage "Queen of Hearts" black and red leather flats by Margaret J, W sz 6 narrow {$20}

Shop IRL (In Real Life) at the April Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market 
InTheLeopardCloset is vending Sunday April 9th!
It is a great event, you should totally come.

Shameless Promotions :)

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Thanks for your continued support! <3

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