Wednesday, April 20, 2016

the real punk at the flea...

So I've been lying to you on this blog.
For a few weeks.

I got a haircut,
not just any haircut,
a terrible one.

Where do I start?!


But this time I decided to use a gift certificate I have had,

I brought this picture from Nothing but pixies on instagram,
but that is not what I got,
I got this jagged, not whispy, too stacked haircut...

 I decided to dye my hair "blue black" to try and achieve the look I wanted...
especially since the cut is so short the red was mixed with my natural dirty blonde,
making me look like a fox...
&  I have wanted to try this type of hair color,
so I went for it...

Well it most certainly didn't fix the monstrosity of a hair cut,
but I think it made it more tolerable for me at least.
So in summary:

I have been pinning it back everyday because I now have to wait for it to grow back...
& am living life like Joy from Inside Out...

It is time to come clean,
this is the real punk at the flea...

What I Wore: glasses- Jean LaFont, lips- Primark, necklace- gift from Nonna, leopard sweater- Old Navy,  camo cardigan- Gypsy Warrior, jeans- Primark {stay tuned for a big Primark review on Friday- spoiler alert-- It is AWESOME!}, booties- gift from sister Bianca

Can you spot me in line for some awesome Trenton Coffee House pour overs?
Photo c/o Jeff Crespi ROCKS

After the Trenton Punk Rock Flea,
it was time to go back to school after my spring break hair disaster...
this is how I broke it to my kids...

"You only have to see me an hour a day, I have to look at this all day."
"It is protein (and dead cells) it will grow back fast"

They say it takes 7 days to get used to a big change,
well its been two weeks and I still am not a fan.

Oh well,
you live and you learn,
never to use a gift certificate to a new salon for a risky new hair cut...

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