Sunday, April 17, 2016

Marimekko x Target is here!

The Marimekko for Target collection is here!

I love the way they broken down the color palettes to be clickable!

I have been excited about this collection,
my excitement grew with the art instillation they did on the Highline in NYC,
I wish I could have seen it in person but I loved the instagram photos of it,
this one is from Velvet_Luxe on Instagram:

I ordered a few things this morning, that I knew I had to have:
Top - Appelsiini Print {$20} / Short - Appelsiini Print {$20}

Tunic - Kukkatori Print - Primary {$27}

Had to check it out in store to see the pieces in person,
I was nervous because some of them are terry cloth and some are wet suit material,
so I wanted to get the pieces that could be warn as actual clothing
I picked up the black striped dress in store, it is cute!
It is terry cloth but wearable.

The kids clothing is so cute!

I also got this cover up in store too, it will be perfect for the beach!

What do you think of the collection?
Did you get any pieces to brighten up your spring?

This collection caused me to look up more Marimekko patterns,
 and I found this adorable makeup bag from Vletrax on Poshmark!
I had to get it, especially for $12 (- redeemable credits I had!}

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