Saturday, April 1, 2017

Shop Girl Saturday: Back in Business {new Business Cards! Comparing Vista Print + Moo}

I made a big decision to update and change my business cards. 
I also decided to separate my "Job Hunting" cards from my Blog/Shop cards.

I first made business cards in 2013
when I was hoping to attend that year's Texas Style Council, 
which didn't happen because we had to you know, get married & stuff.

Those cards were strictly for my blog, 
I hadn't even opened my Etsy InTheLeopardCloset shop yet! 

In 2015, I updated them with my shops before I actually went to TxSC, also from Vista Print

So it was time to separate them out, 
I stuck with Vista Print for my "Job Hunting" cards

Even updated my pens {I love these things!}

For my blog/shops I decided to try out Moo,
I have heard good things about them and was curious to try it myself.

I decided to make the graphics myself!
Glasses logo from Stephanie though,
She helps me with my media kit and sticker designs that I get from Stickermule}

I love how they came out!

Pros & Cons to Vista Print:

  • fast shipping- Ordered on 3/14 and arrived 3/18
  • lower cost, 500 cards for $27, pens are a little more expensive 10 for $20, but they last a decent amount of time and make me happy, order total $60
  • options for other items like bags, t-shirts, etc
  • build cards right on the website, come with graphics already built it, this process is a little harder to manipulate. For example, I couldn't switch which side would be the front to make sure it got the right finish which was annoying. 
  • quality is decent, not as thick as the Moo cards
  • no options for different shapes or rounded edges. 

Pros & Cons to Moo:

  • decent shipping- Ordered on 3/14 and arrived 3/27
  • higher priced, but higher quality (thicker, glossy feeling). 100 cards for $55
  • upload your own design directly or they have lots of different design options to choose from
  • design options are more "fashion and design forward", but no eyeglass designs for me ;(
  • can make different back sides for different cards
  • many different sizing options including "mini cards" 
  • rounded or square edges available 
  • I like the box that the cards come in, more sleek and protective to carry and give out the cards

Over all I am happy with both orders, 
both have their benefits and disadvantages.

What do you think?
Do you have business cards, where do you get yours? 

Any recommendations??

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