Wednesday, April 11, 2012

once upon a thrift store...

There were these...

1. beautiful vintage chest
2. amazing blue desk
3. carpet with a lot of potential...

Love these book shelves- beautiful detailing but just no room!
{this rug is now in my dining room... it came home with me, got a bath and is beautiful!}

Love this crate looking shelf... no room for it though =(

Can't wait to get a house and decorate it, shopping for my apartment was too much fun!

All of the above are from The Rescue Mission in Trenton, NJ
my favorite store of all time, I tutor GED science on Saturdays and it is always a good excuse to go! 

The governor stopped by! The man he is talking to is my tutee!

I am a proud lil teacher! 

Speaking of being a teacher-- check out my new pencil ring!
skull- Gypsy Warrior
pencil- Thunder Egg
= science teacher perfection.

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Meanz Chan said...

That pencil ring is awesome and looks like you got some awesome furniture finds!