Wednesday, April 4, 2012

spring break thus far

words can't even describe how much I needed to catch up on sleep. 

Apparently so did the pups =)

I am loving my morning cuddles & reconnecting with my puppies <3
 Maggie is getting bigger and bigger everyday! She weighs the same as Barry now!

Best part of spring break?
Wearing whatever I want to.
What I Wore: red polka dot blouse- thrifted, ripped jeans- Levis, floral flats- Target. 
Arm Candy: studded bracelet- Madewellrainbow string bracelet-Michael Sheppard Foundation,  italian wish bracelets, David Yurman bracelet- Valentine's Day present from fiancé, mixed metal bracelet- Whole Foods, , skull bracelet- {Etsy},  pink beaded bracelet- gift from one of my students from his trip to China {thanks Walter!}

I have also had time to enjoy the beautiful spring flowers =)

I am enjoying every second and it is only Wednesday =)

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