Friday, March 9, 2012


"If everyone jumped off a bridge would you follow?"
The age old question. 
My answer was always "Yup, I would be so lonely as the last person alive" 

Well all the cool kids were getting leopard pants, so naturally I did too =) 
& I gotta say, I am enjoying them!

had to get them before Denver to be able to break them out!
What I Wore: leather sleeved jacket- Forever 21 {one of my new favorite things!}, pink blouse- thrifted, leopard jeans- Target, pink sparkly flats- BCBG {had to return them after this, my feet are still recovering from their wrath}. Accessories: pink glasses- Steve Madden, Cross-body bag- vintage Dooney and Bourke {mom's}

Another thing all the cool kids are doing: 
Learn more here: kony2012
my bracelet is in the mail, welcome to my arm party. 

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Natalyascloset said...

OOooooh I love these pants on you! And I love your answer to the age old question :). P.S.: I'm LOVING my purse! XOXO,