Monday, March 26, 2012

half way!

It is official, I have reached the half way mark of student teaching, 
I am enjoying it a lot but I am exhausted {and going broke...}

I am surviving thanks to the amazing support from my co-op and co-teachers =)

One of my co-ops gave me this beautiful plant!

And then she gave me the coolest/most thoughtful present:
A survival kit on how to survive student teaching!

It is so detailed with little notes and jokes!
 I was so surprised and excited to be appreciated =)

Such a cute idea =) 

I have been searching for the perfect present for the teachers who have taken me under their wing & I think I have found the perfect ones:

Remember when I got the Ho Ho Ho & Barium sign made out of elements from the periodic table from TheElegantWall?
I am going to order a "Teacher" one for my co-op & the last name for one of my co-teachers & a "Think" one for my other co-teacher. 

Sounds like a perfect plan! Keep ya posted =)

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