Wednesday, June 1, 2011

you can find me {in da club} jk.

I just wanted to take a chance to say a big thank you to my sponsors & ads on other blogs!

you can find me: 
She is such a sweetie & her style is so fun & refreshing =)
She also helped me with a new button-- 
{look: top right} 
cool, I know! <3

Check out her blog: Koi-Story

Another shout out to my sponsor:
They have so much cute stuff {seriously daily struggle not to break my budget}

Check them out: Shopvpv

Another thanks to:
I won a give-a-way of a month of a free ad on her blog =) 
What a cool idea!

Check her blog out: ChasingDavies

Also I don't know who else got this but:
is doing a

I got a promo code in the mail since I am an adsense user 
{the ads in the side bar}
I figured I would give it a try for a text ad that comes up when you search on google.
I was VERY careful not to put in my credit card info so that when the promo runs out I don't start paying without knowing. 

Anyone else trying this out? Let me know =)

I also did incredible with my budget this month.
Continuing to:
details here
I think I have kicked my addiction to online shopping.
I am really settling down into what I need/don't need.
{Apartment shopping did not count for the record- a bed is kinda needed, & a couch etc.etc.etc}

here is a recap:
I only spent $94
have $56 left from this month {not carrying it over though- sticking to a strict budget}

Starting fresh {and so clean clean}:
Now that the basics of the apartment are bought- other not completely necessary things will be counted this month
should be a tough one...

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