Wednesday, June 8, 2011

something blue- making me blue cause I want it!

I stumbled across this today:
$395 here
How beautiful?!?! <3 this color {not so much the price}
But if you would like to buy it for me... please let me know.
I don't have that much to offer... although I am kinda smart {when it comes to science} 
but I can't get a job after an interview {yup, unsuccessful with all previous see interview outfit here}, so if we could skip that step & get to the reward {this bag} also let me know...


Unknown said...

wowwww <3 so beautiful!
love the colour - not too bright or too pale, just perfect :)
Rosie xo

Unknown said...

OMG i can see why you want that purse, Stunning! XOXO,

Unknown said...

it is amazing x

Harija said...

love the bag - it's pretty!

Neat post!

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