Friday, June 3, 2011

current desires

Here are a couple of things I just discovered & can't get enough of:
I love this girl's blog but her shop is SO CUTE! I am obsessed with these two clutches but there are honestly too many to choose from! They are reasonably priced too at $20! May have to have a little of my budget ;)

She also posted these coasters on her blog from uncommon on etsy.
Wooden coasters that look like dollies?! LOVE THEM!
Would be cute in my apartment ;)

Just got an email from kate spade showcasing these beauties!
These mary-jane style shoes are called Elena. Get them here for $198.
kinda expensive {and don't look very comfortable} but so pretty

I just ordered these... I know I know but they are so cute, so 80s and were really on sale!
Lucky Brand was having a 20% off the whole site, so they were $20 plus 20% off- with shipping came to like $25 (taking it off my budget as we speak)
I am lovin' them- hope they fit! {get them here}

Anyways here is what I wore yesterday:
Sorry about the yellow--- I just got a lesson on white balance from the fiance so improvements on the way!
What I Wore: pink flats: Walmart, derby pants- Modcloth {remember the drama of these pants here? Well I finally worked up the nerve and rocked them- and spilled my dinner on them- perfect. haha}, zebra shirt- Uniqlo. Accessories: Michael Kors- pink watch, Steve Madden- pink eyeglasses, stump ring-, bike necklace- 100% proceeds are for GoJoeGo to support conquering cancer {Get yours here, seriously do it!- $15}
also taking this off my budget, check out the details below so cute!
{here is the link again!}

I also got a blog award!!
Thank you!! Hot Pink Combat Boots
This is my second & she gave me a new button for both =)
Check out her 10 facts from this award, she is so funny <3 her blog!


Unknown said...

loooove all these items : )

two birds said...

love that necklace!! i love how you shop for good causes, too!

Mikelle Jade said...

so many lovely things in this post. Those coasters, those shoes, those harem pants... the list could really go on ♥

Emma Z said...

thank you all =)

Unknown said...

I LOVE the bicycle necklace! I almost bought one of those the other day. But for some crazy reason I decided not to.

Emma Z said...

GET ONE!! Seriously so cute & for a good cause = I am LOVIN it!

Amanda said...

I just LOVE yout whole outfit!! ♥

StyleIDnet said...

Adorable clutches ... I love those jeans I want to scream right now, I got a very similar pair from Gap at $60!! identical!
so funny that you are playing with your WB, me too I am taking a photography class and I'm going crazy with that and the shutter speed, f stops, etc.
that print on your shirt is BEAUTIFUL!! shoes too.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

So glad you posted your award! Thanks for the blog love.

Love the pink flats, how cute and springy.