Friday, June 17, 2011

had to share

Hi everyone,
        I will be without computer for the next couple of days {currently on my dad's HP yuck.}
My mac daddy had a backlight issue where the screen was flickering and going black while I was trying to use it. = Not good, I was freaking out thinking that it was dead {it is 6 + years old}. So I brought it to be computer doctor {aka the Apple store} and he said that it was not a big problem just a cable out. Here I am thinking how the F*** am I going to afford a new computer when I am starting grad school and moving out?! But Apple store to the rescue.

They said the cable was $7 and the labor was $39. I was okay with this since anything under the $2,000 I thought I was going to have to come up with for a new computer = amazing.
Then he looked at it and noticed the right bottom was cracked {happened slowly over 3 years IDK how it started} he said every one who has that computer has that problem and he said he would replace it for free! & that would take care of the LABOR!!

So he fixed my computer for $7 and it will look good as new.

God, I love apple.
Once you go mac, you will NEVER go back. Seriously.

Anyways, One of my facebook "friends" LeiVanKash-jewellery-design {as seen on} put some of her awesome stuff on sale in the store boticca

Here are my picks from boticca's sale room, I would buy them all given the money, space, and guilt free from breaking my budget =)
This is by Super Earth Goods

This is by Julia.

This is from LeiVanKash-jewellery-design.

Skull Bracelet (Rose gold)
This is from LeiVanKash-jewellery-design.

This is from Circe.
What do you guys think?!?! Pretty sweet stuff in my book =)


SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

best of luck with getting your computer fixed! it sounds like it will be ok. :)

i'm loving your picks from boticca! i've never heard of that store but from what you've posted here, their stuff is worth checking out. :)


Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Love the brown clutch. That shade is hard to find....,.

LoveIsBrightAndYourMySunShine said...

those are some rely cool things :)