Wednesday, June 15, 2011

game of catch-up

This is from yesterday...

What I Wore: pink bow flats- JCPenny, green stripped shorts- Ripcurl {free with gift card @ a local surf shop}, pink tank- Gap, polka dot shirt- thrifted. Accessories: Michael Kors- pink watch, Steve Madden- pink eyeglasses, Tiffany & Co- flower ring and 1837 ring with pink sapphires, assorted bracelets. 


How cute is this guy?! 
makes me smile every day!

Only around 10 days until the moving starts!!
Can't wait!


StyleIDnet said...

Wow going crazy over your outfit, the patterns and colors are really cute. love it.

Emma Z said...

thank you!

Catherine said...

thanks sweetie! I really love your jacket <3

Fashion Addict said...

I think those colors look great on you! I hope the moving goes well!

Harija said...

Cute outfit!

Neat post!

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Jenny said...


You look adorable!! I love the bright colors and the mix of prints!

Cute boy too ;)

Jenny @vpv

Unknown said...

I love the pop of color in those shorts! You look so adorable!

Meanz (Koi Story)

LoveIsBrightAndYourMySunShine said...

love da outfit! you rocked it! lol!