Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: getting it done- all about the details!

So there is a little more than a month until my wedding day. 
I have been putting off a lot of planning until my first year teaching was done 
& we moved into our new house, 
but now is the time to GET IT DONE!

Here are a few details of the wedding,

Invites are done and out!
I absolutly LOVE how they came out, every detail is personalized & perfect! 

& we assembly lined to get them together, so thankful for all of the help!

We also ordered a custom cake topper!

Of course ours will look like us {complete with glasses for me!} and our puppies. 
Had to add the Mr. & Mrs. banner stand too!

I also ordered my veil!
I have had a lot of trouble finding something that I liked 
& when I saw this I fell in love!

Perfect vintage peacock hair comb

& added a bird cage veil
Exactly what I wanted! 
Prettier than I ever imagined!

As a alluded to in yesterdays post mani monday on a tuesday: Watermelon
I did in fact get my mani with Essie's "Bachelorette Bash"as wedding research!
I will be wearing it on my nails & the bridesmaids will be wearing it on their toes {with their white TOMS Wedges and watermelon pink dresses!}
For the french manicure for the bridesmaids nails & my toes the pink will be Essie's "Blushing Bride"
I was so excited to finally find these colors, I have been looking for weeks!
{Target only had 1 bottle, but Ulta had the others I needed!}

I am also working to confirm:
- Church details
- Dress is at the tailor {finally!}
- DJ
- Photographer
- Videographer
- Hair
- Ordering our custom wedding rings from my cousin 
{SO happy she is helping me with these- couldn't find anything I liked!}

& we will be doing all our flowers on Saturday with another cousin in NY!

Family & friends are the best- I would be so lost. 

The countdown is on!


Tara said...

So exciting! That cake topper looks adorable..I can't wait to see your wedding pictures :)

emmabasilone said...

Thank you! So much to do! Congrats on your pic in RedBookMag!