Monday, October 1, 2012

it's Monday- sharpen your pencil

What I Wore: glasses- bonlook, top- Urban Outfitters, belt- Target, skirt- Talbots {thrifted}, flats- Jeffery Campbell Pencil Me In Flats {from ModCloth}, bag- vintage Gucci. 

My students spent the day saying, "Really Ms. B where do you get your clothes?!"
& this message was left on my board:  
"This message has been sent to you by a curious student WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR CLOTHES?"

Speaking of my pencil shoes, I scored the MOST AMAZING locker for my shoes this weekend at a flea market!
For $20, it had to be mine!

A serious shoe dream come true!

The perfect display for my hats, firefly kate spade & pencil flats!

& my new baubles from Ily Couture arrived!

love my new house updates! 
Still makes me giggly with joy when I see my shoe locker in my room!

How do you organize your shoes?
I love inside looks into people's closets!

1 comment:

Dani Shapiro said...

This is great! Your kids have got to be obsessed with you!

And yayyyy that means myyy bubble necklace shall arrive soon, I hope! I already forgot what color I got. Black? Bahaaha.