Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My New Smashion Store!!

hello ladies and gentleman, 

Remember that post I did about the ModCloth.com cabin fever sale??
Where I bought this item:
Turns out they are not stretchy like they look- ie THEY DO NOT FIT
 (they are a size small- which are currently out of stock- so get um here!)
=( =( =( (I know ruined my day)

But good news for you!! I am selling them (for cheap!$10) on smashion.com. (you can find my name/store by searching or click my pink bubble picture on the sidebar)

I am also selling this baby: 

Imoshion "Kyle Messenger" Handbag

You are looking at an Imoshion "Kyle" messenger green shoulder bag. They have been called the new "it" bags.

This bag contains two separate pockets on both sides of the bag so easy to keep your stuff organized. One contains two compartments for a cell phone and the other has a zipper pocket. The inside of this bag is a black and white lizard print and is so cute! 

 This bag is new without tags never been warn. Originally on sale for $99- What a great deal! Selling for $35!!!

A very current trend with the embellishment details and dark green color.

And this baby:
Vintage Coach Handbag 
Selling for a great deal of $40. 

Check out my seller profile emmabasilone on smashion.com. (Click link on side bar) 
thanks =)


Fash Boulevard said...

Love. Love. Love your blog. it's my new fave. I'm following, I hope you'll follow back.

Elle - The Violet Reaction said...

OMG, WHAT? Your order came already? When did you buy it? I keep on checking and it says mine hasn't even shipped yet... starting to get a little ticked. Sorry that your pants didn't work, though. :( That's always a bummer

Emma Z said...

I am sure they will on their way soon!!