Friday, March 11, 2011

a little bit of Greek [life]

So in college (Rider University) 
I was part of this thing called Greek Life 
in a sorority 
(actually woman's fraternity)
Alpha Xi Delta. 

I visited last night as we welcomed a new member into our lovely (& super close- these girls are my best friends everrrrrrrrrr)family. 
The newest member (on left) my Great Great Grandlittle
& her Big (my Great Grandlittle) (on right)
The wait is up! 
I am now a Great Great Grandbig... 
which in simplistic terms means 
I AM (super) OLD!!
My HUGE family =)
Our fab shirts that my grandlittle made =)
One of the biggest & certainty the closest family in Alpha Xi Delta.
Let's keep it that way =) 


Harija said...

IT seems so much fun... i wish my campus had this!
My Lyfe ; My Story

Emma Z said...

It is so fun!! I loved getting involved with anything & everything in college!