Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{day 16}

I have noticed a few things with this 30/30 challenge:
1. I miss thrifting A LOT
2. I miss my closet- I can't help but think about all the fun stuff hiding in those draws ready for many of combinations--- I am excited to shop in my own closet!
3. I have re-discovered my jewelry box & belts
4. I love my fiance/friends/family/fellow bloggers for helping me through this [& occasional presents & a give-a-way win] =)
What I Wore [day 16] :
Peach colored flats from ARC thrift store
Navy pinstriped trousers- Gap
Paisley shirt via Trenton Rescue Mission Thrift
Salmon button up- American Eagle
Stripped cardigan from Forever 21

Michael Kors pink watch
Rachel Leigh studded red leather bracelet
bobbinsandbits green flower ring 
small green ring- China Town in Phili
Pink eyeglasses Steve Madden


Oh and can someone please buy me:
From TwitchVintageGod, i love that blog/store <3
I would love you foreverrrrrr
Get it here.
(bidding starts @ ten bucks!)


TRAX Fashion Magazine said...

the day 16 look is so cute! i love the pink!

this challenge sounds like fun, and like a good challenge, but i dont think i could do it! but congrats to you! you are over halfway there now!

Emma Z said...

If I could do it, you can do it =)

seriously I have an addiction and I am somehow managing!


I Live For It said...

I love those glasses on you! I wish I could wear glasses that well! You are way too darling in this photo!! Love it!

I Live For It

Xx. Jewls and Liza

Emma Z said...

Thank you!! I am OBSESSED with glasses!! the only downside is I can't wear all my supercool sunglasses because I can't see =( that would be the only reason why I would ever get contacts

so we will see!


Kileen said...

i love the mix of the striped cardigan and pink top. you're doing so well with the remix challenge!

cute & little
come check out the color brigade!

Camilla said...

Love the idea behidn the challenge!

xx Camilla

giveaway on my blog :)


zs closet said...

good post!!Xx


StyleIDnet said...

you've done a great job so far.... very creative and a good, good one!
as I said, I could never do it .... so good at least.


Emma Z said...

thank you all so much =)