Sunday, March 27, 2011

{day 14}

So directly after posting {days 12 & 13} I got extremely sick [vomiting & other fun things...] 
I don't know what that was all about but I think I am feeling better =)
this is my recovery outfit 

What I Wore [day 14] :
Peach colored flats from ARC thrift store
harlem pants: Michael Kors
Sequence tank- Holister outlet in South Carolina
Black cardigan- TJMaxx

Michael Kors black studded bracelet & pink watch
Vine ring from alicialynnjewelry <3
Pink lips necklace- Juicy Culture via consignment store
Steve Madden pink eyeglasses 

now... resting


two birds said...

you look pretty damn great for being sick! i hope you're feeling 100%!

Little Lovables said...

wow, so sorry you have been sick, it's a wonder you got dressed up at all!

the nude flats are adorable, I wouldn't have ever thought to pair them with so much black.

Emma Z said...

thank you all =)

I love nude flats they are my new obsession, I wear them all the time with everything! You should invest in a pair (or two!)


Imogen said...

I love your top and the detailing on the cardigan is very pretty. I hope you are feeling better.

Emma Z said...

thank you =) I am feeling much better!

marie said...

It's great that you're feeling better! :-)

Rene Braun said...

Lovely blog!



styled by 3 said...

we did a blue with black rule break today too!! love the sequence top- LOVE! and sorry you've been sick - boo!!

Emma Z said...

Most of the time I get a little crazy about blue & black (i am not really sure why-- but this seems to be the only "rule" I follow)

well not anymore!! thanks for visiting & commenting!
Love breaking the rules!