Friday, March 4, 2011

denver adventures, day 1

Hey yall' (Is that what they say here in the midwest?!)

We have arrived- our hotel is beautiful 
& smack in the middle of down town Denver... 
the fiance has been away doing business things all day 
so I have been well.... you know.... 

Got some GREAT deals and awesome stuff including $2 Betsey Johnson leopard print belt (which I almost died over) & a sweet Tory Burch knock off purse 
((yeah yeah I know knockoffs are bad but I saved myself around $380 bucks)) 
PS. It's awesome & I love it. 
The End. 

Well here are some outfits from the start of our trip for your viewing pleasure...

Flying/Airport/4:30 am outfit:
What I Wore:
TOMS Shoes
Levis Jeans
Focus Clothing Co T-Shirt (my fiance's clothing company)
& my brand new Members Only red leather jacket <3 (
Also wearing my Michael Kors pink watch & black studded bracelet 
leopard glasses =)

Day 1 New City Adventure outfit:
What I Wore:
New Forever 21 wedge booties- ($25) 
(got them today on my shopping adventure)
Betsey Johnson stockings
Thifted Loft skirt- Rescue Mission of Trenton ($2) 
love the 70's pattern of this skirt <3
Ivory silk tank- Gap 
Lace cardigan- Lauren Conrad for Khols
leopard glasses =)

So far so good- I even crossed off an item from my shopping list with this baby: 
TJMaxx for ($30) 
this was the most expensive item I purchased today
but a similar style was on my wish/shopping list...

I also realized we have to pay for internet in our room...
 which means not a whole lot of blogging will be done,
 so I will do a catch up post about our trip =)

Anyone from this area... let me know of must do/sees/shop

This week I am most excited for hitting up one of these: 
Can't waitttttt

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