Saturday, March 5, 2011

denver adventures, day 2

Since I have limited internet I wanted to do another post about my trip: (before I need to put in another 10 dollars... like really that can get you a whole outfit in a thrift store... & it HAS!)

Here are some pics from the hotel/our view =) it's lovely 


Here is a quick outfit post for my day of adventure while the fiance is in meetings:
 What I Wore:
Vintage brown boots- Rescue Mission of Trenton
Levis skinny jeans
Hollister blue t-shirt with embellished shoulders
New: Sailor-ish cardigan- TJMaxx yesterday ($30)
New: knockoff Tory Burch bag street vender yesterday ($30)

outfit put together: 
Love my new bag =)

I also found these bad boys & am considering purchasing 
(around $40 bucks) what do you think?!
the ones I found are not exactly like these... there are no metallic details
which could make the ones I found more wearable?! & what I was looking for in the first place?!
I have posted about them before (cause I love them) but they didn't have the flats I wanted in my size =( 
so the search continues- but in the mean time-
 to bootie or not to bootie that is the question. 


Margaret said...

Love your cardigan! Really cute. It's called TK Maxx in the UK ( no idea why?!!) but I am obsessed with that shop! So many bargians to be found. Enjoy your trip!

Mgt x

Alison said...

love the cardigan! Just found your blog and I'm following. I'm from NJ and an education major too!

Emma Z said...