Monday, March 7, 2011

denver adventures, days 3-rest?! until jersey yall'

Well... we made it to the Arc Thrift Store...
through the ghetto of Denver
(boarded windows, "bail bonds bought here")
I thought it was worth it (got lots of cute stuff)
nothing like a little adventure
The fiance wanted to kill me I think....
My new traveling shoe collection:
Arc Thrift Store --->
got the orange ones (which in real life are really salmon colored)
and this bag (I LOVE!) + lots of other sweet stuff

Anyways... here is an outfit update for my travels...

What I Wore yesterday:
Pink flats- Walmart ($5)
--> switched these for the salmon ones above after I bought them because they were TOO perfect =)
Betsey Johnson stockings 
leopard skirt (new from Denver)- Forever 21 ($9)
Pink blouse- Trenton Thrift ($2)
black lace cardigan- Lauren Conrad for Khols 
Pink glasses- Steve Madden

What I Wore today:
New Minnetonka booties from store in Denver- ($50) 
(that's right... I did it... <3 them)
Betsey Johnson stockings
Thrifted printed skirt- South Carolina ($3)
Skinny leather belt- Trenton thrift ($1)
New thrifted blue stripped and lace shirt- ARC thrift store ($3)
New thrifted grey blazer- Ralph Lauren via ARC thrift store ($5) (GREAT BUY!!)
Diamonds by the yard necklace- T&Co (gift <3)
leopard glasses =)

Also got a sweet local painting and tapestry (and skull bracelet that I am obsessed with) from a Tibet store... 
(got lots of other amazing stuff for great prices- digging Denver!)

See yall' in Jersey in a few days =)


Charlotte Cantillon (Crowley) said...

oooh i seriously love that leopard print skirt- I'm such a sucker for leopard print!!

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog- I hope you come back soon :]

Charlotte xxx

oomph. said...

awww...i lived in denver for a year. loved it, and miss it sometimes!