Monday, March 21, 2011

{day 8}

Breaking news!!!!! 
I won my first blog give-a-way!!! 
& it's a ring from bobbinsandbits!
check them both out {they are awesome!}

What I Wore [day 8] :
Nude flats- Steve Madden "Sofieee"
Seven Jeans- newly hemmed =)
Blue stripped & lace shirt via ARC thrift store
Pink trench- Chicos 
leopard glasses =)
I can't shop but maybe you can =) 

 These are my picks:
#1. Sequined Cardigan- ($77 & take off an additional 30% off today) get it here.
#2. Makena studded wedges- ($55 & take an additional 30%off today) 
get it here.
(only have 5.5 left- so you can get them for me if you would like & I would love haha)
So get yourself some good stuff @ some decent prices!

Also: Winning my first give-a-way has also inspired me to do a give-a-way.
At the completion of my 30/30 as a reward for everyone putting up with me there will be a give-a-way for my readers =) 
more info to come, the countdown is onnnnnn 


Kileen said...

wow, what wonderful colors you mixed into this outfit!! you should definitely enter it into the Color Brigade post on my blog that'll go up tonight! i can't get over those amazing leopard glasses!

cute & little
check out my TIKKR watch giveaway!

Emma Z said...

I am going to =) I just put your button on my blog in preparation <3

I entered your watch give-a-way too, it's amazing hope I win!!!

thanks for the comment!

Emma Z said...

I will def check it out =) thanks for commenting & visiting <3

ally watson said...

Ahh I love this whole 30/30 idea! I've been trying to stop shopping too, I might do the same :) good luck!!

Emma Z said...

Aw you should!! It's a challenge though (fun though!!) I have a shopping addiction which I am trying to calm down haha


C said...

Cute pink jacket! It really brightens up a dreary day. Congrats on your first giveaway prize!

Emma Z said...

thank you =) I am so excited check back in like 20 some days for my give-a-way =)