Thursday, October 22, 2015

"Skinny Jeans Are Out, Fringe Is In, Ponchos Are Forever. Make a Note of It"- AHS Season 6 Ep 2

If you are watching the craziness that is American Horror Story: Hotel 
There was a great fashion scene in episode which started with this Vogue reference:

& went on to say, "Skinny Jeans Are Out, Fringe Is In, Ponchos Are Forever. Make a Note of It"...

Well, I've got the fringe memo, but skinny jeans?! 
Can't say I agree! 

What I Wore: glasses- Kensie, top- vintage, sweater- Target, jeans- Abercrombie & Fitch, flats- Gap, bag- vintage Coach

So back to American Horror Story,
this season "Hotel" is very reminiscent of a few podcast episodes {both worth checking out}
that I recently listened to,
the serial killer H.H. Holmes carried out hundreds if not thousands of murders in a "Castle" hotel
in Chicago in the 1890's
he had it built with secret passages, doors to no where, and a incinerator in the basement

First podcast that mentioned him {and a possible connection to Jack the Ripper}
was Sword & Scale {Ep. 30}:

Another podcast that discussed the actual Castle {very similar to the Hotel}
was Lore Podcast {Ep. 8}

Lore Podcast also posted this floor plan and street view on Instagram

I think this horrifying real life event was definitely inspiration for this season of AHS,
listen to those episodes and be prepared to be even more terrified of real life insanity.

According to TV Guide, there is a lot of real life horror to choose from for inspiration,
now that is truly scary.

Do you like horror movies / TV shows?
Are you watching American Horror Story?

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