Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Wears

 Some style for the weekend:
What I Wore:

Vintage leather booties- NYC thrift store
New Seven jeans- Rue La La ($30)
Blue lace shirt- (gift)
White undershirt- Uniqlo ($10)
Sweater- Rescue Mission Thrift ($2)
leopard glasses =)
Love these babies =)
What I Wore:

New Seven jeans
Purple shirt and floral vest (attached haha) Rescue Mission Of Trenton Thrift ($1)
Michael Kors watch (gift from fiance)
Tiffany & Co- Diamonds by the Yard (gift from fiance)
leopard glasses =)

Also did some thrifting... got lots of good stuff =) pics to followwww

What I Wore:
Vintage leather booties- NYC thrift store
Betsey Johnson leggings- Rue La La ($25 set of 4)
Paisley skirt- Rescue Mission of Trenton Thrift ($2)
Skinny leather belt- Trenton thrift ($1)
Pink button up ((check out the details SO CUTE!!)- Trenton thrift ($1)
Sundance clothing cardigan- (on sale $18)
leopard glasses =)

Started a new book- Skinny Bitch
It is making me realize that some people can really live & not eat anything.
No soda, candy, white bread, pasta, meat. & I am only on the 3rd chapter.... let's see how this goes


two birds said...

how can someone not eat those things? crazy! great outfit!

Emma Z said...

Yeah I am not sure either. I am now realizing that I will never be a "skinny bitch"

o well! haha

Laurita P said...

looks like it was a very CUTE weekend!

Emma Z said...

thank you =) I am a new follower of your blog too!