Wednesday, February 16, 2011

some fashion icons/inspirations for mid-week

Continuing with my proclaimed love for Betsey, here are my other fashion icons in no particular order

1. Rachel Zoe:
 I love her style & her show, this picture is from a Zoe Report email she sent out regarding trends (yes- I do subscribe to her emails haha)

The only thing I don't love about her is that I think she is
wayyyy toooo skinny- but she is prego now!

She has her own clothing line out on QVC and I am stalking this faux fur vest that I saw some one with it (they got it at Marshalls- anyone knows that is hit or miss). So I am still on the look out!  
On the topic of Rachels--->

2. Rachel Roy:

She has one of the fashion lines I stalk the most. Her clothes are all wearable and she works with a lot of fun patterns and designs.
(picture from her website)

3. Tory Burch: 
I think she is beautiful!! I love her personal style and I love her clothing/shoes but its just to expensive =(
But I will own a pair of her shoes ASAP

The new Robinson Collection in picture 1(from an email she sent to emailing list) has really cute handbags too (which I can only dream about)
& I am OBSESSED with the red and navy suit that Tory is wearing in picture 2 from harpers bazaar

4. The Kardashians: 

I love their street style- especially on the new Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

While in NYC watching one of my best friends run the NYC Marathon this year:
I got to see Kim Kardashian on the street!! ((this is my picture!))
 I was like 2 feet away from her & let me tell you-- she is as pretty in real life as she is on T.V. =)
I think my favorite one has to be Kourtney, though... her style is always fun and sophisticated.

Picture from her website, which I stalk frequently because I can't get enough of her style and clothes!!
If I could shop from anyone's closet listed above it would probably be hers.
They also just recently launched a clothing line through QVC which I will be checking out =)

DASH NYC is my #1 to do when it gets warmer and I can convince the fiance to take me to the city =) I am so excitedddddd & must save up for that adventure =)

There are probably more icons that I have not yet listed- I will keep you posted 

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two birds said...

love them all. rachel zoe has fabulous taste and a pocketbook to support it...i wish i had that, too!