Monday, February 14, 2011

academia on a monday

More flowers for Valentine's =) <3
 besides Valentines-- Mondays are also the start to the work week. Right now I am a substitute teacher & today I was an elementary art teacher... craziness but got loads of valentines!!

I wanted to share my some work shoes that are different from your usual...
I got these babies in NYC last summer while on a trip with the fiance.
They are Vans-- the only problem is that they run a little small but I promised myself I would wear them more often so I started today!
I paired them with black gap trouser pants and a back and white stripped J.Crew shirt I thrifted  =)
get um here.

And now for a lust item of mine:ladies & gentleman the Pencil Me In Flat - by Jeffrey Campbell on

One of my friends recently posted this on facebook, 
I feel in love. 
Priced at a steep $98 & sold out-- 
guess these babies will have to wait.
But one day. I. Will. Rock. Them. 

And I started a new book today: 

P.S. Like my new header?! I LOVE IT.
get yours here: 

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Margaret said...

Love your new header! Looks great

Mgt x