Thursday, February 17, 2011

new york fashion week- betsey johnson

Here are some of the looks from NYC Fashion Week (fall 2011):

Pink Patch:
Photo from here.
this is a sample of the collection shown on the runway by employees from Betsey stores. They were not models- they showed all body types. It was inspiring and refreshing to see something different than 7 1/2 foot tall models with sky high heels. 

In this picture: here is what I love:

  1. the Marilyn white cardigan
  2. the notebook shirt
  3. the red Marilyn dress (I have a similar one from her)
  4. the skull bag 
  5. the yellow cropped tee 

Here are other pictures of the Pink Patch line:

I LOVE THESE PANTS AND I WANT THEM!! They are perfect for fall/spring/summer.
THIS will be my first order from Pink Patch- but def not my last =)

There are more looks/trends that I loved from the 1st part of the Betsey runway show: 

1. Full length animal print body suits:
these can be seen on almost all models & under all looks
This look was my FAVORITE!! I love this cropped black sweater - it would be my #1 thing to purchase from this collection

Similar to the pink animal print ones for the Pink Patch line: these pants they are right on target with new trends with the "derby pants" style = I love them 
Love this jacket & it's shoulder detail
Another thing I noticed is the back side of almost all of the heels in this collection were

 Pink Patch- Here I comeeeeee =)


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