Friday, February 18, 2011

So I know what you must be thinking, "girl another pair of boots?!"- I admit it... I have a shopping problem. 
But anyhow, this is my latest purchase: 

Courtsey of: SweetToothVintage
They were originally $40 but they are having a huge sale (50% off everything!!- Check it outttt) so they came out to be $24! I am so excited to rock them!!

I had to have them especially since I let a similar pair go from SallyJaneVintage

a little late night shopping never hurt anyone... right?

ALSO: I have decided to take on the 30/30 Spring Challenge starting in March. 
30 articles of clothing for 30 days 
& NO SHOPPING. So stay posted =)

(( have to wait until like 3rd week in March to start since I am going to Colorado with the fiance 
& must do some shopping with the change of scenery ))

Have a great weekend <3

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