Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the other side of Plato's Closet

Remember when I visited  Plato's closet?
Well today I returned to sell some stuff that I don't wear anymore.
Not going to lie, I was nervous about this whole experience, but my closet could always a little thinning out & I can always use a little cash right?
I sold: 
  • A Betseyville bag
  • Two pairs of UGGS
  • Two GAP sweaters 
  • One Vera Bradley Bag
For a grand total of a whopping $33
They sell items for 1/3 of the retail price and then you get 1/3 of that. Rip off? Yes.
Shit I don't need in my closet for a couple bucks. Yes please. 

Shoppers at Plato's Closet-- you are welcome for my cool stuff because what they have in there is unimpressive {for me to walk into a store and actually leave with cash = nothing good}

I also tried to sell: 
  • Vintage Coach bag
  • A Marc Jacobs Tote
  • A LuLu crossbody bag
They wouldn't take the Coach bag with out it containing the certificate of authenticity- which who the hell knows where that is. 

My Marc Jocobs Tote? They wanted it for a whole $2 & it had a sticker on it that said "Hold for Rona" sorry Rona but this lady is keeping that tote, you can save your $2. 

My LuLu crossbody bag? They wanted it for like $1.50, no thanks, rather give it away on my blog =) Check for a give-a-way in the spring with that baby.

Anyways these items are staying with me and up on My Smashion Store.

The girl who cashed me out also said, "I love your glasses, who makes those?!"
I said, "I am a blogger and these are from my sponsor Proopticals"
She then looked at me with a look that said, "I am todays post I bet."
Yup, hello. Welcome to the blog world.

Overall the people who worked there were very nice and walked me though this process.

And since I can't keep from spending money, I bought these babies:
I was so nervous of these selling on Meanz Chan Etsy Store {see her blog- Koi-Story}
Ever feel that way and it makes you unable to sleep. No? I am just crazy? Okay...
I flipped that $33 into these babies for $38. It is love. 


Unknown said...

<3 Can't wait to see you rock them! :D

dani said...

I bet it wouldn't hurt to try to sell some of that stuff on eBAy, too!

Emma Z said...

Thanks Meanz- when I saw them I had to have them!
& Dani I do try ebay but it can get surprisingly expensive to post things.