Friday, December 2, 2011

work it girl

Yesterday was World AIDS Day, through my Graduate Assistantship we are holding a speaker tonight & a "Celebration of Lights" for the holiday season next week:

Yup, I am workin' it girl. 

What I Wore: red pea coat- GAP {2 years ago}, white paisley patterned blazer- BCBG (via Platos Closet), gold & blue sequence tank- Hollister {via Hollister outlet Hilton Head, SC last year}, lace top over that- Rodarte for Target {gift from sister last christmas- funny story- she bought me this and guess what I bought her?! The same shirt. coincidence, I think not. We just both have good taste.} mustard skirt- ARC thrift store in Denver, CO. boots- Steve Madden- Intyce boots- Open Sky. Accessories: Midnight Blue Sinclair- Warby Parker,  patterned scarf- RAJ via  hautelook, grey stockings- Betsey Johnson via Rue La La, Michael Kors pink watch- gift from fiance.
In other news, I bought an iPhone =) 
Yes, it is true some people live without a smartphone up until the age of 23, but now I am officially connected to the world. 

I have ordered a cover:
but it is coming from China {got it on ebay for a whopping $6}
so who knows when (if?) it will arrive. 

If it takes too long I will not be able to resist splurging on this guy (or should I say girl?):
$55 but so "hipster" {that is what it is called}
& made by tibi. 
We shall see...

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