Wednesday, December 21, 2011

zoo keeper

i love prints. it is true. 
this has to be one of weirdest {and newest} ones I have. 
& I am obsessed. 

 What I Wore: giraffe top- TwitchVintage, belt- estate sale, red pencil skirt- thrifted Rescue Mission in Trenton, black flats- Target. Glasses: bonlook Barbarella in red

 Yes it is giraffes. 

fell in love with the mullet party-in-the-back.
On a side note-- I really need leather shorts- I gotta get on that.

Super cute note from my order, I have always loved TwitchVintage but this is my first {of probably many-- check out their store} purchases =) 


sorelle in style said...

That is too cute! Such a unique print, I love it! :)


Samantharitzer said...

Hey Emma! I love this outfit so much. That shirt is so cool! I want one!

Jess {The In-Between} said...

I am obsessed with that print.

emmabasilone said...

I am obsessed with it too!

emmabasilone said...

thanks =) I love shopping vintage, you never know what you will find!