Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a leather jacket with an attitude of it's own

When I saw that Dani from The Daily Dani was hosting "Wear*It Wednesday" and that the topic of discussion was leather jackets, I had to take a deep breath and face my fears. 
This makes more sense if you realize the relationship I have with my leather jacket. It is love/hate. I searched everywhere for "the perfect one" and thought I had found it during a road trip to Syracuse, NY to visit a friend. Fell in love, acted irrationally, spent too much money, won the affection of the store owner & he invited me to pick out something in another one of his stores for free. I got this rhinestone bracelet that I was obsessed with and then lost it the next day at the NY State Fair. depressing.

That was not this summer, but the summer before. Bottom line- still have yet to wear it. That is until Dani's Wear*It Wednesday Challenge.
Sorry for the terrible photo- fiance had to work. 
which left me with an awkward photo shoot in front of the mirror.
 What I Wore: leather jacket- store in Syracuse, NY, red polka dot blouse- thrifted on Sat. from the Rescue Mission in Trenton, skinny jeans- Levis, new yellow, blue, black & white stripe flats- via Meanz's etsy shop <3 these! Glasses- Tortois "Tamara" glasses- c/o Proopticals.

So anyways. Thanks Dani from The Daily Dani for the inspiration to finally wear my leather jacket =) 
Maybe my leather jacket will be friends again one day & I can wear her again. 


Unknown said...

Love the jacket with those shoes!! :)

Unknown said...

Great post!! XOXO,

dani said...

You're awesome! So glad you conquered your fears! ;)

Harija said...

cute I love your outfit and you look stunning =)

Emma Z said...

thank you all =) maybe I will bring her out again sometime =)