Thursday, December 29, 2011

rock star incognito

So with my new hair style apparently comes a sense of rock star-ness.
I get more looks on the street then ever before & I guess I look effortlessly bad ass when I roll out of bed. 
I am a gentle person, I promise ;)
This may be the first picture on my blog that I am not wearing glasses. weird. but can't wear glasses while doing eye makeup if you know what I mean, they just get in the way.

What I Wore: grey coat- GAP {3 years ago}, cable knit sweater- JCPenny {recent shopping binge- got this + 1 other knit + 2 pairs of stockings for $18- used a gift card + coupon = happy/warm girl!!}, Jeans- Levis, boots- Steve Madden. Glasses- Tortoise "Tamara" glasses- c/o Proopticals.

& Just to solidify my status as a rock star. This is my purchase from my Christmas dollar bills:

I have been searching for a pair since my Denver trip last year. 
These have been on my "to buy" list for a while- & when I went to make the relationship official- they were on sale. #perfecttiming / #winning.

They will go with everything I own & my bad ass hair.
Get yours here for $21


Jess {The-In-Between} said...

The hair totally suits you. Good move. I need that sweater to go with my leather shorts I recently got. Looks like I will be heading to JCP.

Jessa Belle said...

I love who things can morph our persona! That is one of my favorite things about owning vintage clothing! Cute hair!

Love & Lollies... Jessa

Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

Mel said...

I have lurked your blog for quite a while and I finally have to comment...

That new haircut is super-fab! It does give you an insta-rocker look, but it can also be demure and sweet. If I had a more relaxed job (and more gumption) I might try a hair hack too!


emmabasilone said...

Thank you =) & welcome! haha

Just go for it-- release your inner rock star-- can't wait to see what my boss says on tuesday haha...

Meanz Chan said...

I love those shorts and that adorable gray coat!