Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mom said "I didn't get the matching gene". She can keep that one.

I have always been into mixing patterns.
Now it became more "popular"
Which is nice, I guess, since I used to be the only one with red pants and 3 editions of stripes in the neighborhood.
Someone at work told me that "I refuse to conform"
Yes, that's it.
Thanks for nailing it. 
Love this button up {thrifted- Rescue Mission in Trenton, NJ}, Cardigan- TJ Maxx in Denver, CO. Glasses: Tortoise "Tamara" glasses- c/o Proopticals.
& New Hello Kitty iPhone case! {$6 on ebay & they sent me two (by accident?) sweet deal.}

Two new patterns for the overflowing closet- floral button up {rocking this baby tomorrow!} & stripped pencil skirt. Both Jones New York via Rescue Mission in Trenton, NJ. I volunteer to teach science on Thursdays & they pretty much pay me in thirfted clothing. Most amazing deal ever. Heck yes. 

Tomorrow is my Christmas with the fiance in our new apartment =) 
I love opening presents. Favorite activity ever. 

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Jess {The-In Between} said...

"Matching Gene" Thats great! I admire your mixed print abilities. I am still easing into that one. Love the glasses.