Sunday, December 18, 2011

all it takes is one holiday party to knock the cold right out of you

I have had a cold for the last week, or as someone at work put it "I have been in a bad mood the last 3 days." No, I am sick but thanks for your two cents. 

But all it takes it one holiday party, a couple of bottles of champagne, and a few plates of chocolate covered strawberries and this girl feels so much better. 

& I finally got to wear my rock n reconstruct dress =)
What I Wore: rock n reconstruct patterned/handmade dress! {So comfy & cute}, fishnet stockings- Forever 21, nude patten leather flats- Steve Madden. Glasses: Tortoise "Tamara" glasses- c/o Proopticals.

& now I give you a photo shoot my mom and fiance took while playing on my iPhone: 
I do love champaign...

Cheers to the first holiday party of the season. 
What is your drink of choice?


Audrey Allure said...

Wonderful pics :) I prefer champagne or wine! Hope you feel fully better soon!

dani said...

I loooove this dressss.

I also (don't) love when people feel the need to comment on your state of being. "You look tired today" is like the modern-day "I hate you" hahaha.

I'm glad that party knocked the gold outta you! ;)

Unknown said...

Love your dress Emma! It's totally you and I'm super jealous because I wanted one! I remember when she posted this on her site. I about freaked out! Haha, anyways, you look darling, and Sarah does such wonderful work!

Roots Out West said...

Too cute. Glad you feel better. I love me some champagne too! Riesling is my drink of choice. But I keep it classy while out and rock the Bud Light. :)