Monday, December 19, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas =)

My week in photos:

 I love advent calendars, me and Charlie have been sharing this one from my mom

also found another ornament for our tree, from my friend Dara from 2008!
Who knew I was starting my tree already =) 

new pine cone candle stick holders!
Thrifted at the Rescue Mission in Trenton

Love presents under the tree, should have one of these all year just saying. 

 this week I had to say good buy to my coffee mug and my seemingly brand new loafers I thrifted =(
they cracked and feel into pieces after wearing them for an hour, back on the Wish/Shopping List they go =(

You know you work late when:

 Hilarious cake one a fellow student made in my grad class.
We all have sick faces because another student did an experiment that fermented and almost killed us. 

 New iPhone cover!!
apparently two of these were delivered, two for the price of one I'll take it!

& TOMS sent me a holiday gift, this super cute bag and some tea =) 
love tea {how did they know}


Roots Out West said...

TOMS sent you a gift? Love the tv stand you have.

Meanz Chan said...

That hello kitty case is SO cute! I can't get over it. Also, that's so sad those shoes cracked! :( I hope you find new ones soon! I've had that happen to a purse.