Sunday, December 4, 2011

prepping our apartment for our first Christmas

I should be writing a paper on a "Fight in the Field" about a controversial issue in Science Education but I think I will blog instead. 
today was just too fun to end it with a paper... 

All started with handmade crapes filled with Nutella & bananas =)

Then a walk in the dog park
My boys running around <3

What I Wore: Tortois glasses "Tamara"- Proopticals, black and white stripped shirt- J. Crew {thrifted}, jean vest- Ralph Lauren {thrifted @ udelco}, dark grey harlem "derby" pants- Michael Kors {Rue La La}, leopard print flats- hand-me-down from sister-in-law.

We also decorated our apartment for the holidays!
Our first Christmas tree 
Started as one of these little babies... at Home Depot {3-4 footers}
Selection made.
Also picked up one of these... an "electric" fireplace
Or as Charlie likes to call it our heated nightlight
Needless to say this was returned...
Barry when daddy was trying to set up the tree,
needs to be a part of everything 
Finally got my chalkboard made & up!
Frame- gift for working a garage sale
wood & chalkboard spray paint from Home Depot
= compromise for a chalk board wall
love how it came out!
Wreath on front door purchased from a local boy scout =)
Got candle sticks for my Distortion Candlesticks by Paul Loeback
Can't say we are not in the holiday spirit,
even got a Christmas Cookie candle. 
yup, bring it Santa this girl is ready. 

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