Wednesday, December 28, 2011

my holiday in pictures

Family picture for our first Christmas with Barry =) 
{I wore: thirfted red floral shirt- Rescue Mission, red jeans- Forever 21, Chanel Ballet flats, scarf- Christmas gift from Nonna (she made it into an infinity scarf like I have been looking for!) leopard glasses: Jean Lafont} 

 Wore these all weekend. AMAZING.

 Christmas cards on the fridge.

 It's the holidays when this girl comes out to play.

 Best present from my Big (3 years ago?).
 I <3 tea & use it every day!

Barry has to sit on your lap. constantly.

 So many cards, had to move them from the fridge!

 Barry packing his bed for the holidays.

 I bought myself the penguin classic "Emma"
& Got the fiance Robin Hood

 Lunch on Christmas Eve Eve =) olive bread and prosciutto yes please.

  Barry on Chistmas Eve. Too much eggnog

  Barry gets a bath to be squeaky clean for the holidays =)

 Barry & Nonna

 Me and my sister shaking hands with the barry. 

 Barry & Nonna again =) 

 Barry & my stocking at the in-laws =) 

 New Christmas sweater and toy {which he is currently destroying on the couch next to me} from the in-laws!

Got this flower fan from my aunt & grandma because they heard we had lots of "weird" things. 
so funny & cute.

Then we ended an amazing Christmas weekend with a sister date 
{a hair cut & sushi at our favorite place}

Bring on New Years Eve! 

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