Monday, December 26, 2011

gifts that keep on giving

If there is one thing I like better then getting presents, it's giving them.
Here is what I got everyone else {& a few of my other presents-- I was a good girl this year!}
Just call me santa =)

I got mom a custom order painting of her building from when she was a kid in the Bronx.
by: James Gulliver Hancock from All The Buildings in New York.
She absolutly loved it & started to cry = success.

Poppy {my dad}:
torch for Creme Brulee's = a win/win for all of us.

Sisters {I have three}:
 Love these pinwheel earrings.
Opened them & was like damn. I knew I should have got my a pair!

 bead for life bracelets

& Nike sneakers 

Make-up bag from Urban Outfitters

& for my Big Sister in my sorority:
a print from Brittany Fuson

& My GOODNESS I must have been a VERY good girl this year.
Here is some pics of my #winnings.
  I got these for myself. from nicola's etsy store.

 From my sisters/parents: wii fit, just dance 3, a super cute poncho shirt {wearing it now}, the sweater I wanted from No Rest For Bridget, skinny girl margarita & body wash =)

From Charlie's family: Calypso St Barth Snake-Charm-Bracelet welcome to my arm party =)
{rest of arm party: silver wrapped copper bracelet- store in New Zealand,  evil eye gold bracelet- gift from fiancé from M Rocks Jewelryred hamsa bracelet- gift from fiancé {via hautelookblack evil eye bracelet- from friendship bracelet swap via the daily dani.}

 & a red wrap red watch from Charlie's dad =)
{Rest of this arm party: two pandora bracelets, italian wish bracelets & rainbow bracelet for the Matthew Shepard foundation}

 I also bought this for myself with some christmas money 
Tequila. In the coolest bottle ever. Welcome to my bar. 

& yes. I got the peacock blue Long Champ bag of my dreams. I LOVE IT!!
& got a coach laptop sleeve. 
& lots of other stuff!


O yeah & I cut off my hair today.

Into a mohawk. 
Yes. I am serious.

Sneak peek:
Rock & Roll chic.


Dani Shapiro said...

Aww makes me so happy! :)

Jess {The-In-Between} said...

What a good gift giver. I love all the art work. Cant wait to see more of the new do.

emmabasilone said...

I haven't taken it off since you gave it to me =)

emmabasilone said...

it is so rock & roll. Can't wait to play with it!