Saturday, December 10, 2011

deliver me

I volunteered today at the Rescue Mission of Trenton with a group of my students (and my fiance!) We sorted, tagged, and hung up donated clothing items. The money made from everything they sell in their thrift store goes to run various other programs in the community. 

& I got to do a little shopping at my favorite store of course
I got a:
pink blazer {I have been searching everywhere for one!}
red polka dot button up
tan sweater
& these
Love at first sight, I have wanted vintage loafers for awhile now & they have been Wish/Shopping List

Best part- they gave all this to me for free, God I love that place. 

And when I came home there were two packages on my door step!
1st one was:
Love the "Koi" sticker on the packaging =) so cute! 

Thanks Meanz =)
I love them!
2nd one was:

My pencil-me-in Jeffery Campbell flats from ModCloth 

Super cute pins from Modcloth, look at that little pug!
I am making these into magnets for the fridge 
Guess what else?!?! 
My fiance got me a new beta fish!! 
I had one named Fanny, but she died tragically last weekend =(

So say hello to Big Rhonda!
Charlie said he picked her because of her big eyes.
I said, "is that what we are going to look for in all of our pets" considering that this:
is our puppy

Welcome home Big Rhonda =) 

& welcome home 3 new amazingly awesome pairs of shoes!

& today the fiance ordered me the "Male Protagonists" set of Penguin Classics from Open Sky for $38
& I ordered the "Female Protagonists" set of Penguin Classics for $18!
Great deal. Awesome books. 
Will be perfect on our bookshelf now & for always =)

I also ordered:
this incredible pug pillow from nicola via Etsy
I asked her in passing "If you make a pug version of this pillow, I will totally be on that." Well she did. & I am on it like white on rice. {if that is the right expression, if not, whatever you get the gist.}

Today can also be named- "best shopping day ever."


Roots Out West said...

OMG love all of those flats, especially the pencil flats. I just discovered your blog from Dani's wear it wednesday post. Love everything about your blog!!!

Emma Z said...

thank you! & welcome! I am wearing the pencil flats right now! <3 them!