Friday, December 16, 2011


So I must jeopardize our relationship by sharing my geek-y side with you with a few recent purchases. 
{I named my puppy an element on the periodic table, what were you expecting?!}

I just ordered:
 this amazing Christmas sign from The Etsy Shop: TheElegantWall
I love people with some science humor.
Maybe one day I will get a "Ha Ha Ha" sign for my classroom =) blahhahaha

I also contacted them to make me a "Barium" sign so I can put it above Barry's food bowl.
Needless to say I am psyched. 
& so we can be friends again, I give you a montage of recent Barry pictures =) 

 But I want the cakeeee

Yes that is my purse. 
& yes my dog is a little jerk who eats my underwear and shoes, is obsessed with the dirty laundry hamper,  and hunts dust bunnies.
But he is sooo cute!

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