Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Shopping & Weekend Adventures!

I finally ordered these loafers from shopgossamerthreads on instagram,
I've been eying these for months 

I was about to order the BonLook "Dolled Up" in Black Lace glasses but then I saw that they finally restocked the BonLook "Jack & Norma" in Champange & HAD TO GET THEM!
So excited to finally own these glasses!

Also had to order the Cheers Loafers from JCrew that were in my Shopping Cart last Saturday

That is it for shopping but I've been up to some weekend adventures!

Rangers game last Thursday which turned out to be a nail bitter!


Friday night we went to the LTEF annual Handbag Bingo!
So much fun! 
We didn't win any bags, but we did win a ski trip & $120 to a local salon!

I love weekends!
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