Sunday, March 15, 2015

Going to CAMP!

**Drum Roll Please**

I have been attempting to save for months and months & years and years!
I wanted to go like three years now, but it was weeks before my wedding & I couldn't swing it...

I was so excited that Texas Style Council offered payment plans!
I was like this is my chance! 
& then it was 50% off! 

The next hurdle was the flight, 
for a bit it seemed that I would possibly be driving all the way to Texas, 
by using Google flights I found the perfect flight! 
& for much cheaper! {Like $700 cheaper}

 Now it is time for packing! 
No heels, no skirts, no dresses...

The only thing I know that I am bringing is this amazing 
polomocha vintage Boy Scouts shirt from Etsy for the "Khaki Cool" party!

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