Tuesday, February 7, 2012

sausage fest. the best kind.

Over the weekend me, my fiancé, and my parents went to the Wine Room to make our own sausage & taste our wedding wine ;) 

so glamorous...

But I am not a girl that is afraid to get her hands dirty, after all I am a scientist ;)

Now this is what I call a sausage fest:

 the rents

Our Wedding Wine barrel:
Still has quite a bite to it, but bottling is not until the summer 

Yes, I make sausage in Chanel ballet flats, 
Yes, I am that kind of girl.
It is the Italian in me.
What I wore: stripped cardigan- via TJMaxx in Denver, CO {last year},  Pink Cupcake Dotted TopFrock Candy, skinny jeans- Levis, Chanel ballet flats- Christmas gift from the fiancé, grey coat pictured above- GAP {3+ years ago}. Pink glasses: Steve Madden.

Then family dinner =)

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