Thursday, February 9, 2012

why hello llbean {get in my closet!}

My fiancé is a huge llbean fan, I have always browsed the catalogues and have never found anything that I was like "need this". 

But that is not the story this month... 

 #1-Shawl Collar Cardigan {$119}, #2- 1926 Fishing Pant {$119}, #3-Kimball Striped Sweater {$79}, #4-Cotton Crepe Blouse {$69}, #5- Double-Breasted Trench {$199} , #6- Cotton Madras Shirt $69{}. 

On top of it all, I get this "mail home" email:
Dear toggle sweaters, you are pulling at my heart strings 

Is it just my "teacher" style kicking in and altering my taste, or has Llbean just released some super cute items that need to find their way into my closet?

Oh yeah and I do want a pair of duck boots too ;)

& these, these I might have to order:


Sunnydaysandstarrynights said...

I love those adorable shoes at the end. I agree that llbean has some lovely stuff pictured above.

emmabasilone said...

I ordered them, they were on sale & then I had a coupon code! It has been like a year that I have been thinking about them, pulled the trigger!