Sunday, February 19, 2012

weekend recap

Favorite part of weekends? 
Wearing jeans.

 Rocking some vintage Friday for an "inservice day".
What I wore: Glasses:tortoise "Tamara"  c/0 proopticals, crochet cardigan- vintage via EMBERvintage, polka dot blouse- thrifted via Rescue Mission in Trenton 
Arm Candy: left -> right: mixed metal bracelet- Whole Foods, rainbow string bracelet-Michael Sheppard Foundation,  italian wish bracelets, skull bracelet- {Etsy},  evil eye bracelet- mikkatmarket {gift from fiancé}, David Yurman bracelet- Valentine's Day present from fiancé.

 I have an obsession with McDonalds vanilla ice cream- for a buck it is amazing. 
The fiancé's perfect pancake on Saturday morning. 
Escarole & bean soup dinner on a Sunday {delicious!} 

 Also made homemade spinach and ricotta raviolis with the parents =) 
What I wore: Glasses:  Warby Parker in Midnight Blue Sinclair, rainbow bow-lie blouse- thrifted from the Rescue Mission in Trenton, cardigan- thrifted.

I can't believe we have had Maggie for a week already =)

& we are the 3 best friends that anyone could have 
 Maggie got to meet my parents (my childhood pup) Rocky, he liked her haha

I love these pups, never dull moment. 

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SomeLikeItSimple said...

Oh my word, it looks DELICOUS.