Monday, February 27, 2012

Shop till I dropped: Denver

It is true, I spent my whole paycheck {mind you I don't really make anything} shopping in Denver over the weekend. Given how crazy my life was leading up to the flight out, I deserved it!

1st stop:
Had a little bit of rough start, 
Love the patterned shirt, got an iPhone cover {didn't fit had to be returned}, 
& those glittery BCBG glittery flats--- torture in the form of a shoe, I need to see if I can return them tomorrow I am still walking with a limp. 

But then I scored this at a gift shop:
 AMAZING. I am in love!

I showed by sister a picture of my new baby bag & she wanted one...
I sent her this pic and she picked out the 1st on the left. 
She is lucky my pups were in one piece when I got home
Adorable, love them all.  

Then: the GAP
What I Wore/Am currently wearing: pink stripped neon shirt- GAP {$18}, blue pants- {$45}, neon tipped flats- Old Navy {gift from fiancé}. Pink glasses: Steve Madden 

Damage Done! 
 wool and leather jacket, yellow heart blouse & patterned fur vest = Forever 21

New colors & patterns! =)

The next day, I upped my collection of western wear:
Love the collar of this shirt & this bull necklace,
long story short: I wanted this other necklace that was labeled $26 but there was another one that was apparently $75- a bunch of bull {pun intended}.

The fiancé also bought me a piece of pottery that I have wanted since last year =)
I can't believe how expensive this stuff is, but I love it!

It has been the missing piece to our book shelf:

Now I really can't shop for a while, but I have enough new outfit combinations to make me excited to get dressed every morning =)


Dani Shapiro said...

I am desperate for one of those bags and that bull necklace! Lalalove.

Deluxshionist said...

OMG love the patterned bag ohhh

Meanz Chan said...

Those bags are so cute! I WANT ONE.